Discover the new SH23 Side Cases

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Discover the new SH23 Side Cases

May 2nd, 2019, 1:06 pm

Lightness, elegance and functionality

The SH23 side cases are the result of a 100% Barcelona design that has prioritized lightness, elegance and functionality. Our engineers have unified these three concepts, maintaining the demanding standards of resistance in a thin suitcase that allows an absolute mobility with the bike. Despite being lightweight, the SH23 are very resistant and can carry up to 5 kilos of maximum load. All the volume capacity of the suitcase is usable and the opening at the top allows the reader to access his belongings without getting off the bike.

The shape of the luggage provides great aerodynamics, improved by the 3P System integration. Our practically invisible fitting make the assembling and dismantling of the side cases easier. In addition, the SH23 have customizable covers in various colors (white, black or new titanium).

For urban and mid distance routes


Versatile and functional, these side cases are specially designed for urban or medium distance tours. They are perfect for those motorists that demand quality and protection for their belongings, with maximum mobility, whether to move around the city or to make weekend getaways.

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